“We were looking to work with a cleaning company who we trusted to understand our standards for quality service. Clean Simple has done just that. They worked with us to develop a cleaning schedule that is flexible in meeting the needs of our office and team of 35 people. They continue to introduce new innovations and technologies which is important for me as I value efficiency and clear communications. Our designated Clean Simple staff member has been consistent, thorough and friendly. ISL’s experience with Clean Simple continues to be a good one.”

Tonya – ISL Digital Marketing, Halifax

“Clean Simple has truly simplified our cleaning service. Their use of technology to provide professional and consistent communication sets them apart from other cleaning companies, and the quality of cleaning they provide is exceptional!”

Melody – Volta Labs, Halifax

“We have been using Clean Simple for weekly office cleanings since June. We really like that we

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no longer have to worry about cleaning the office before guests arrive, as Clean Simple takes care of all that. They worked around our schedule, and they only charge us for the time that they are actually here working. I would definitely recommend Clean Simple to other small businesses!”

Alicia – Web Software Company, Halifax

“I have been using Clean Simple for several months and between their streamlined booking system and professional communication coupled with quality staff who are attentive, knowledgeable and thorough, I have been provided with nothing less than a top notch, highly individualized cleaning service for my corporate space.”

Chris – Absolute Wellness Group, Halifax